Believe - a Tribute to Great Women
Believe- A Tribute to Great Women Cultivating Seeds of Change
Poster: Dimensions 20"x33"

Believe-A Tribute To Great Women Cultivating Seeds of Change honors the heroic legacy of courageous women who, through innovative thinking and action, advance social and political reform to achieve greater equality for all women.

Believe is illustrated in a cubist manner to accentuate the complexity and delicate balance of our world. Soft, natural and fluid elements are juxtaposed with rigid, industrial and monolithic symbols. Derived from the image of "Lady Justice", the central figure in Believe is a colorful and texturally rich composite of multicultural women. The theme depicts a vibrant American heroine who exudes poise and determination balancing career and life issues as she shatters the "glass ceiling" in pursuit of her goals. Believe also celebrates the maternal power of a woman. This nurturing quality is subtly illustrated in the budding rose in the lower left quadrant of the artwork.

Ultimately, Believe is an acknowledgement of women who self-actualize and envision themselves achieving their greatest aspirations.

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