Oneness of Nature

Oneness of Nature
Poster: Dimensions 20"x32"

Oneness of Nature honors the traditional nature of Native cultures. The artwork attempts to respectfully portray the sense of identity, pride and self-esteem that is rooted in established spiritual principles.

Oneness of Nature features a rich and colorful, geometric background that consist of various textures of wood water, sky, rock and plants. Integrated into the trees are two Native figures. The Elder represents a proud history and wisdom, while the young woman figure portrays fertility and the promise of the future. The generations are symbolically woven together by the long braid of hair that connects the two figures.

The circular element surrounding the two figures is symbolic of a Medicine Wheel. Native culture believes that by living harmoniously, human beings give additional impetus to the circular movement and power of the world. A traditional Medicine Wheel is complex and represents the four stages or seasons of one’s own nature (Infancy, Youth, Maturity and Old Age) in relation to the surrounding world.

A majestic Golden Eagle and traditional Pow-wow dancer complete Oneness of Nature. The eagle reflects the attributes of farsightedness, strength, beauty and kindness. The bright, energetic dancer reminds us of the wisdom in the four directions, unity, and the natural cycle of all things.

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